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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ugh sorry

Sorry for not posting the last couple days the power people came back and had to rework on our lines from the other day when the tree fell so ive been without cable internet and sometimes power for the last two days. The worst part... no AC! Its fucking hot here no AC is a curse.

Monday, July 25, 2011

World is keepin me down

My apologies, I would have posted sooner...; if i didnt think nature was out to get me.. So im sitting at my computer talking on MSN and all of a sudden the power goes out, loud crash. House shakes. Run outside. The person across the street had a giant tree that fell over.... for no reason. No rain, no wind, no termites. Just randomly fell and dominated my power lines. Thankfully our power people managed to get everything up and running before the sun went down so yay air conditioning. But damn that was a massive tree... look at that thing..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Test soon!

I was really late to learning to drive, and didnt get my permit until i was 16; didnt use it til i was 17. But I have my drivers test august 3rd. So today I'm going to go drive a bunch of place and finish getting everything under control in preparation. So im just going to leave you guys with a video today. Sorries.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Neoclassical power metal say what?

So recently i was introduced into the world of neoclassical power metal such as Stratovarius and Luca Turilli.
Its not the heavy sound im used to but i have to say i love it. It makes me feel like im a knight or some shit storming a castle with a guitar and beating people to death with cool riffs. So i may have accidently discovered it by watching videos of retards or you politically correct people loids/mentally handicapped, but that doesnt matter, in fact seeing some tard go I AM DA MOONSTAR I LIKE BEER ITS GOOD FOR YOU. Only made it more kick ass. The first video is of course what lead me to the song, and the second will be the song in its entirety. So give it a listen and if your a metal fan at all or maybe even if you arent you'll agree it makes you kinda feel like a bad ass.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So yeah...

I'm going to go ahead and apologize for this post, its not going to be my usual entertainment based post. This one is more of a my thoughts self diary type entry. So yeah, sorry.

I've learned a bit today. I've always been a rational thinker, using logic instead of emotions. Recently my emotions have been coming out with all this relationship stuff, I've been wildly assuming things, such as oh im having a drink tonight and turning that into im going out and partying every night. I've been freaking out constantly and lashing out and doing the "How dare you dump me" thing and trying to rationalize it and be like "Theres no need to break up you can do this and this and this while were together theres no need". I guess im inept when it comes to emotions. I never really use them. It's kind of funny how much control i lack, i cant even function properly. Being the "manly man" i am and instantly being turned into a crying baby is kinda eye opening. I guess theres not much i can do, and i just have to let life run its course. I guess that really cliche quote comes in handy here; the one about if you love something let it go and if its meant to be itll come back to you. So yeah hard life lessons suck. In other news i went and took the tour at the school im going to and met with financial aid, all ive got left to do is apply for loans and officially enroll.  I'm going to try to have omething more interesting tomorrow. I promise ill think of something.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh dear god, it finally happened.

So I'm an avid watcher of Youtube's FPSRussia, who is a crazy russian who does gun reviews/shows; and Epicmealtime. And today my dreams came true, Russian Meal Time. A collaboration between the two was uploaded today. What you know about bayonet burgers bitch? I was so happy to see this and i know its not as interesting as some of my other posts, but i couldnt pass this up. Enjoy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Top 5 Must Have Freeware

Firstly thanks to everyone who wished me luck with the relationship problems, still not where id like to be but its improved.

Anyways now onto today's post, this is a list, in my opinion, of what the top 5 most needed freeware are.

In no specific order:

1) Malwarebytes
I love this program. It has a paid version, but the free version works fine and never expires. I always use this in combination with antivirus and i must say its wonderful. I've had this catch so many things that Kapersky and AVG haven't. I highly recommend this for your anti-malware/spyware.

2) VLC Media Player
VLC is an amazing little program. Its open source and completely free. This media player comes with just an abundance of codecs. If my WMP can't play it i instantly turn to vlc and it never has problems with and music or video. Definitely worth having if you watch lots of downloaded movies or music.

3) Daemon Tools Lite
Great program for mounting virtual drives. Daemon tools has a paid version but the free lite version does fine.I think the free version has a limit of 3 drives at a time, but for me that is plenty and I've never had a problem mounting any ISO's I've come across. It also has a nice Windows Desktop gadget for easy mounting and addition of # of drives.

4) 7Zip
7 Zip is a great extraction program that i use to handle all of my .Rars and archive and compress files. It has a handy right click menu bar so that you can use it on the fly. And its just great for compressing and extracting files.

5) Youtube Downloader
This is great for anyone who watches tons of stuff on youtube, that may want to take the videos somewhere or just may not have internet soon, or any other amount of reasons. Basically you just copy the URL of the video you want into the program and it downloads the video. Simple as that.Great for downloading a whole web series to watch sometime or burn to a dvd. Really simple to use, and it has a conversion program so that you can put them on your Iphone or PSP.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slight delay

Not sure if i will have a post tomorrow or the next day, just kinda had some relationship problems and im not really in the mood to review anything. So Yeah sorry for the inconvenience. Ill try to be back soon and have new posts for you to read.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

REVIEW: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia the Dark Descent is horror/thriller game. The really cool aspect of this game is there are no weapons. You are completely defenseless. A lot of the game revolves around the use of light. Staying in the light keeps you sane, but attracts monsters. Staying in the dark will keep you hidden however your sanity will begin to drop and things will seem distorted. Witnessing unsettling events, such as doors blowing open, or looking directly at the monsters also drops your sanity.

Friday, July 15, 2011


For the most part I will usually have something to talk about but in the rare case i dont, I'd like to have some suggestions of things you all would like to read about or hear my thoughts or opinions on. Feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts ideas or suggestions.

REVIEW: Harry Potter Pt 2


So aside from standing in line 2 hours prior to the movie and not having ample leg room in the theater the experience was pretty great. I went to the 3d showing and they were handing out special hp glasses that were round as opposed to the normal square ones, tbh I was tempted not to open them because they may be worth something but i decided against it and just opened them.

Anyways, Overall the movie was great. I feel like, this being the the last of the franchise, that they did a better job in sticking as much from the book into the movie than they have with others like Half Blood Prince. Some of the movie did seem a little rushed, but the run time of 2 hours 05 minutes made up for that. They tried add a little comic relief, which was fine, with comments coming from Mrs. Weasley calling Beatrix a bitch, and Mcgonagall acting giddy after casting a rarely used spell. Several times the audience burst into applause which rarely happens at movies anymore.

Alan Rickman really shined in this film, especially the scene where he gives Harry his memories. I feel like its a shame that the franchise had to end merely because I wont see many more movies with him in it. Hagrid wasn't all that present in this one except for a few albeit major parts. And Longbottom really had a chance to be a big hero in this one.

My only real complaint, as tiny as it is, is at the end when its 19 years into the future they didnt really do anything to make it look as if harry or ginny or ron or any of them had aged. Ginny had a mom-ish hair style, but the rest looked exactly as they had 5 minutes prior during the aftermath of the attack.

Overall it was a fun experience and I recommend going and seeing it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2

Got my midnight showing 3d tickets last week, super stoked. Going 2 and a half hours early plus i have to go shopping before that so todays entry wont be too long. However i am tempted to get some of these to wear to the showing tonight.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Went to the shooting range today...

So my family and I went to a local armory today to test fire some guns for concealed carry/home defense. Tried out a few 9mms. First one we tried I really liked, it was a Springfield X-D. 15 round clip, had the trigger safety and the back handle safety. Pretty nice little gun, easy to sight, really enjoyed how little recoil it had nice little gun. This will probably be the one we get. The second gun we fired was some Beretta but it had a little too much kick back so we switched to a SIG, this one had even MORE kick. Then just for funsies we asked to try the Desert Eagle .50. That as everyone knows, is a beast of a gun. Scary as hell to shoot for the first time but it was a monster. And boy is it loud. All in all it was a pretty fun little outing and even better i got to outshoot both of my parents who are both ex-military.  Thanks to the fine people of Coal Creek Armory for the great time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Uno

First time blogging, I'll probably talk about random things going on in my life at the moment, or more serious things such as current issues, politics, my views on certain subjects, really just whatever i want to talk about each time.