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Friday, July 15, 2011

REVIEW: Harry Potter Pt 2


So aside from standing in line 2 hours prior to the movie and not having ample leg room in the theater the experience was pretty great. I went to the 3d showing and they were handing out special hp glasses that were round as opposed to the normal square ones, tbh I was tempted not to open them because they may be worth something but i decided against it and just opened them.

Anyways, Overall the movie was great. I feel like, this being the the last of the franchise, that they did a better job in sticking as much from the book into the movie than they have with others like Half Blood Prince. Some of the movie did seem a little rushed, but the run time of 2 hours 05 minutes made up for that. They tried add a little comic relief, which was fine, with comments coming from Mrs. Weasley calling Beatrix a bitch, and Mcgonagall acting giddy after casting a rarely used spell. Several times the audience burst into applause which rarely happens at movies anymore.

Alan Rickman really shined in this film, especially the scene where he gives Harry his memories. I feel like its a shame that the franchise had to end merely because I wont see many more movies with him in it. Hagrid wasn't all that present in this one except for a few albeit major parts. And Longbottom really had a chance to be a big hero in this one.

My only real complaint, as tiny as it is, is at the end when its 19 years into the future they didnt really do anything to make it look as if harry or ginny or ron or any of them had aged. Ginny had a mom-ish hair style, but the rest looked exactly as they had 5 minutes prior during the aftermath of the attack.

Overall it was a fun experience and I recommend going and seeing it.


  1. i wanna see this movie soooo bad!

  2. I just straight up refuse to see Harry Potter films now, loved the book but man i can't do the movies.
    Thanks for the info, at least its not a total failure :)


  3. I saw all the movies in 24 hours and I became mad! i really love the HP saga, but this film wasn't as I expected..

    +follow :)