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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Went to the shooting range today...

So my family and I went to a local armory today to test fire some guns for concealed carry/home defense. Tried out a few 9mms. First one we tried I really liked, it was a Springfield X-D. 15 round clip, had the trigger safety and the back handle safety. Pretty nice little gun, easy to sight, really enjoyed how little recoil it had nice little gun. This will probably be the one we get. The second gun we fired was some Beretta but it had a little too much kick back so we switched to a SIG, this one had even MORE kick. Then just for funsies we asked to try the Desert Eagle .50. That as everyone knows, is a beast of a gun. Scary as hell to shoot for the first time but it was a monster. And boy is it loud. All in all it was a pretty fun little outing and even better i got to outshoot both of my parents who are both ex-military.  Thanks to the fine people of Coal Creek Armory for the great time.


  1. I`ve never fired a gun. Sounds like a lot of damn fun man. Someday.... someday. *shakes fist at sky*
    haha following

  2. I've got a S&W Military/Police model 9mm. 17 round mags, it's smooth and OH so accurate, I highly recommend it. Scored 147/150 on the Pennsylvania security test.

  3. i have yet to even go to a firing range...i need to go noww