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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big day

Got my driver's test tomorrow morning! Pretty confident that ill pass. But as is normal a little nervous, if all goes well i have a fun day of taking a girl to the park for a picnic then off to the movies, not sure what were seeing but i may do a review on it. Afterwards who knows but yeah big fun exciting day tomorrow!


  1. A good beginning makes a good ending

  2. Good luck! Don't be nervous! Last time I was on a picnic with a sexy date I only brought one fork. We had to share. We ended up sharing more than our forks, later that day. :)

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  3. Good luck with the test, and with the girl lol.

  4. Good luck! Im sure it will be a great day

  5. Hope it went well, i still need to get my license.