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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rock bottom

Well stuff just keeps going downhill, today finally pushed me to something, so tomorrow i start seeing a therapist. I chose to do it but im not really looking forward to it, not sure what to do or say or antyhing. Oh well.


  1. I hope everything turns around for you. Dont be so reluctant to see a therapist, sometimes they can help a lot. Its not only for crazy people, thats a common misconception. Just talk about whatever you want or answer his question. Dont force yourself to talk, just say what you feel like saying. The therapist not only work with WHAT you say, but also HOW you say what you say.

  2. As I am son and servant to your will. Supporting!

  3. Hope things went well with the therapist, I saw one myself when I was 14 or so, be sure to talk. I didn't, although actually I did become awesome, so maybe not talking is best...either way it was a few days ago now, so hope it did go well.

  4. Therapist? So you'll still be insane but now with less money